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KatCanDo Frimley Appeal For Cancer Patients       Charity Reg. No: 1106566

10/11/2020 V20.1

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Walking The Wainwrights

Hi everyone. I'm Judith, Kate Coles’ sister. In order to raise money for KatCanDo, I aim to walk to the top of all 214 Wainwright Fells over the course of a year. These are the Lake District summits over 1000 feet, as identified by Alfred Wainwright in his guide books. My younger daughter Beth will be walking with me at times and we hope to raise £500 for the charity. .

Start date 30 July 2020.

Finish date  delayed due to Covid.

I always had a vague idea that walking the Wainwrights in retirement was something that appealed to me. Then for my birthday in March this year Beth gave me a book she’d found in a charity shop in Kendal -  “Doing the Wainwrights” by Steve Larkin. I read it in lockdown, laughed a lot and was inspired. Steve planned to start on 1st August 2002, shortly after his 60th birthday but was beset by problems and finally started on 1st April 2005 after both heart and prostate cancer surgery. He suffers from vertigo, lacks confidence in his navigational skills and is really a fair-weather walker. The book made me feel that if Steve Larkin could do the Wainwrights after all his health problems then there was definitely hope for me! As Steve says, where there’s a wimp there’s a way!

KATCANDO is a charity close to my heart. Many of Kate’s friends and family who started the charity with her 15 years ago are still actively involved and the committee of volunteers work tremendously hard. There are no overheads and the money raised goes directly to help cancer patients and make a difference to their lives by buying vital hospital equipment or a hospice bed for example. I’m only too aware of what has happened to cancer patients during the pandemic and would like to help in my own small way.

I am now up to 135 fells and have raised nearly £1000.  Deadline extended due to lockdown.

 Thank you all for your support  -  Judith (and daughters)

Judith with daughters Hannah & Beth

Judith looking out over

Grisedale and St Sunday Crag

Judith & Beth on Angletarn Pikes

Thank you to our friend Ian Oldham for taking photos.

He has accompanied us on several days in the Lake District.