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17/06/2020 V20.1


KatCanDo Frimley Appeal For Cancer Patients       Charity Reg. No: 1106566

KatCanDo – COVID Considerations for Indoor Events (2021)

KatCanDo will take steps to reduce the risk of transmission at the event, including putting in place cleaning and hygiene protocols, and ensuring our venue has adequate ventilation.


The venue will be cleaned before the event including work surfaces, surfaces frequently touched (eg door handles) and toilets.



Hand sanitisers will be readily available.

Hand washing facilities will be available in the toilets, along with hand sanitisers.


Doors, windows and air vents where reasonably possible will be opened, to improve natural ventilation. Particular care will be taken to keep toilets facilities well-ventilated, as these can be areas of higher risk.


We will not admit attendees who are suspected or confirmed with COVID-19.

If an attendee presents with symptoms, or we become aware of a case of suspected or confirmed COVID-19 on-site, they will not be admitted or will be asked to leave the facility or event.

Attendees will be expected to form an orderly queue conforming with social distancing rules. We will ensure procedures in place to minimise congestion and where necessary put one-way system in place which attendees are expected to follow.